PNOZMulti Configurator

PNOZMulti Configurator 10.12

Customizes and controls safety measures on PC
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Access and configure the safety circuit of a personal computer by adjusting, enabling or controlling the work of various features via the utility. It is compatible with press blocks, Fieldbus inputs, etc. Time-critical subprocesses are monitored in real time.

Software to configure your safety circuit on the PC. Configure your safety circuit on the PC. Take advantage of the numerous safety functions, specific press blocks, configuration of fieldbus inputs and much more.

This modular safety relay represents intelligent dovetailing of safety and standard control functions. Control the simplest machine or interlinked plants.

It's all made possible by the modular concept and simple configuration.

NOZmulti is so flexible that it can also be adapted to suit your application - guaranteed.

Main features:

- General mechanical engineering: e.g. lathes, milling and drilling machines
- Plastics processing machines: e.g. blow moulding machines
- Laser machines: e.g. laser welding and laser punching machines
- Packaging machines: e.g. drink dispensing and palletising machines
- Forming technology: Hydraulic presses, eccentric presses, press brakes, small presses and punch presses
- Robot cells: processing, welding and spraying robots
- Print and paper industry: e.g. printing, enveloping and paper machines

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